Shaping the iHistorians of tomorrow: engaging children in history through technology

This is a link to an article I have recently written for the History Teachers’ Association of Victoria on the use of iPads to enhance cross-curricular history teaching and learning. It is due to be published in their June publication.

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Using Book Creator app for speaking and listening activities with Year 1

My pupils find the sound recording tool and picture adding tool within Book Creator very simple to use and it is a great way of recording speaking and listening activities. iBooks can be exported as videos for publishing to YouTube as the examples below show:




The power of Twitter and blogging!

My Year 1 class were very excited to be asked to be a part of the Melbourne Kids’ Conference yesterday. Jo Clyne, who saw videos of our amazing work on animals in WW1, invited me to submit some videos of the pupils’ work and a video presentation demonstrating how the videos were made.

The children were thrilled to see the photos and comments from the event!

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Using Book Creator to create a WAGOLL text to support pupils in Y1

First post in a long time!

For today’s Literacy lesson, I prepared a pre-recorded version of my WAGOLL persuasive text in order that the group could access the text and ‘magpie’ vocabulary to use in their own writing.

I created the text using my iPad, importing screenshots of the WAGOLL text into a new book within the Book Creator app. Using the ‘Add a sound’ tool,  I then recorded myself reading the text and asking the children to identify the ‘wow words’. The children then recorded their responses.

iBooks made on Book Creator can now be exported as a video for publishing to YouTube.

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Using Tellagami with Year 1

This week Year 1 have used Tellagami on the iPads for the first time! They used my ‘how to’ sheet of screen shots to support their independent use of the app.


Using Green Screen, iMovie and Explain Everything for speaking and listening

This week in 1K we have been learning about bears! I am very impressed with how easily the children are able to access Explain Everything!

Using Thinglink to bring story mountains to life!

This week in Year 1 we have been retelling Michael Rosen’s ‘The Bear in the Cave’. We used Thinglink to create interactive story mountain, which we will use to support our written work. Check out our great story mountains below.


Retelling ‘The Bear in the Cave’

Wow, it is only day 2 in Year 1 with Miss Kingsley and we have been busy exploring Michael Rosen’s ‘The Bear in the Cave’. We worked really well in a group to create this iMovie to help us retell the story.

Please let us know your thoughts!

A plague on both your Lego houses!

This week in Year 5 we have worked carefully in pairs to create fantastic animated versions of Romeo and Juliet using the iMotion app, Book Creator and Lego! We enjoyed using Alan Peat sentences in our interactive books. What do you think of our work?

Year 5 enjoy the glamorous Russell ScOscars!

This morning Year 5 had a lovely treat! We arrived at school to find that our classroom had been transformed into a glitzy venue, complete with red carpet! We enjoyed watching the Romeo and Juliet films we made last week and some of us won a golden ScOscar trophy!

Watch the video below to see the A-list event!