Who do YOU think should win a Russell ScOscar?

This week in Year 5 we have enjoyed Film-making Week! We have worked tirelessly in groups to write, direct, produce and perform our own movie versions of Romeo and Juliet. We have learnt so much about team work during this collaborative project!
On Monday morning we will be celebrating our hard work with a glitzy ScOscars ceremony. During the ceremony, we will be treated to popcorn and an exclusive screening of our films. Miss K will then be announcing the winners of the 2014 Russell ScOscars!
Please watch our amazing films and tell us which production companies deserve the Best Script, Best Producer and Best Director awards.
Don’t skip the credits in Starburst’s movie – there is a shock at the end!

Well done Year 5, here are your motion pictures!


  • Mr Marsland says:

    Mmmm hard decisions but….
    Best Director and script Starburst 123 with special mention to Gold Tears for the lifelike fight scene
    Best Producer Golden Ring Films

  • Miss Quinn says:

    Wow! I have been completely blown away by your films Year 5, they are absolutely amazing! Love the twist at the end in the Starburst one! I hope the paparazzi won’t be blocking the school gates on Monday! Well done.

  • Mrs Potts says:

    Your films are awesome , I was gripped – ( went to The Royal Exchange Theatre on Friday evening , trust me , they could ALL learn SO MUCH from you – the actors , the producers ,the stage directors .) Often , school parties go to visit The Royal Exchange , I personally think that THEY should come and visit YOU and learn a few tricks of the trade .WELL DONE ONE AND ALL XXXXXXXX

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